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Scientific Name: Sciaenochromis Fryeri (German Strain)


Adult Size: 7"


Description: A personal favorite German Strain (bred on site). A beautiful blue Fryeri Hap displays the sleek body with a wide white blaze from its mouth through out their dorsal fin.  Full grown males typically have white throughout the entire top half of their body, althought each fish can vary.


Temperament: Moderately aggressive. 


Conspecific Temperament: Aggressive


Tank Mate Compatibilty: Other Haplochromis and Peacocks Cichlids as well as Plecos. Avoid Mbunas.


Please review Color & Sizing and Shipping information before placing order. The pictures are for reference only, not the exact fish for sale. 

Iceberg Fryeri (German Strain)

PriceFrom $34.99

Please review all information before placing order. Please contact us at with any questions.

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