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Jersey Cichlids

Welcome to Jersey Cichlids!  We are Mary Kate and Gordon, and we are the founders of Jersey Cichlids LLC. We are a husband and wife duo based out of Southern New Jersey. Our fascination with African Cichlids all began one day when we, on a whim, bought a fish tank for the kids. We loved the beautiful and vibrant colors of the fish and the relaxation it brought. Soon, we went from one 55 gallon tank, to adding several others, including our 125-gallon show tank. You could say, it quickly turned into multiple tank syndrome!


Ryan C.

Jan. 2024

Thank you, you've done it again. Even included a little extra pack of fry Fish Fuel. Much appreciated as always! Nothing but the best food for my fish! Not only is the food the best, but nothing but great customer service and quality fish coming from Jersey Cichlids!

                Feb. 2024

Ordered a couple boys and then the weather got really bad. Gordon postponed all shipments due to possibility of delays. He held onto them for over 2 weeks. He waited for the temperatures to not be absolutely freezing. He took every precaution to ensure my boys showed up safe. The box was packed with insulation and 3 heat packs. 

Steven W. 


              March, 2024
I have ordered food and some awesome looking fish for about a year now. Jersey Cichlids has top notch fish and feed.

Kyle Zecha


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