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Welcome to Jersey Cichlids!  We are Mary Kate and Gordon, and we are the founders of Jersey Cichlids, LLC. We are a husband and wife duo based out of Southern New Jersey. Our fascination with African Cichlids all began one day when we, on a whim, bought a fish tank for the kids. The beautiful and vibrant colors of the fish and the relaxation it brought soon went from one 55 gallon tank to adding several others, including our 125-gallon show tank. You could say, it quickly turned into multiple tank syndrome!

We currently house numerous breeding, grow out and fry tanks in our fish building. We specialize in Lake Malawi Peacock and Haplochromis Cichlids. We also offer Super Red, Albino/Brown Bristlenose Plecos and Green Phantom Plecos. We are excited to offer these beautiful fish for you to add to your fish family. We started this business in hopes of being able to help other fish lovers start or expand their passion for African Cichlids. We take pride in our fish and wish you all happy fish keeping!

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