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Cichlid Care

We understand there are many different methods, ideas and opinions in caring for African Cichlids. This is a basic care guide for you to reference, however, if you have additional questions or concerns, contact us at

Water Requirements 

It is no secret that Lake Malawi is exposed to lime stone. Lake Malawi cichlids are in an environment that is warm and alkaline, in other words, has a high pH. Your tank temperature should range between 76-82, with a pH range between 7.5-8.6. 



Tank Size

Prior to buying a tank you should have an idea of the number and size of cichlids you want to keep. A general rule to follow is to have two gallons of water per inch of a full grown fish. 

Compatibility of Fish

There is no guarantee of how any fish will behave. These are our recommendations :

Peacocks and Haplochromis (Haps) are both free swimming fish species. These cichlids should be fed a high protein diet. Peacocks and Haps are commonly kept together but require sufficient space to lessen aggression. We do not recommend keeping Mbuna Cichlids with either Peacocks or Haps, due to their aggressive behavior and their opposing herbivore diet. We currently do not sell any Mbuna Cichlids. 

It is thought that the best manner to reduce aggression is to purchase all of your fish at a smaller size and relatively close in time. This gives them an opportunity to grow and mature together. We recommend buying at least three fish at a time if you will be adding them to an established tank. This will help disperse aggression amongst the new fish. 

Male dominance is a concern that every African Cichlid owner deals with. Males which appear to be similar in color and/or species will challenge each other. Try to avoid owning two similar African Cichlids in terms of color and species. If you notice aggression rising in your tank, you can try adding décor to the tank to break up lines of sight. ​

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