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Color & Sizing

Here is a simple size and color chart that you can refer to before purchasing your new fish. 

Unsexed Juvenile : These fish are very young and are too small to be fully colored, making it nearly impossible to properly identify their gender. In this category we offer fish at 1-1.5 inches and 1.75-2.75 inches.

3-4" Male : These fish are just becoming sexually mature. Although these males may have color, most will not be fully colored yet. Keep in mind, larger species of Peacocks and Haps will not be fully colored at this size.

4" + Male :  These fish are sexually mature with stunning colors. Although these males show stunning colors, some larger species of Peacocks and Haps will not show their full potential yet of a dominant/mature male.

Note - Female colors are typically dull, therefore, females are purchased for breeding purposes, not for their color. If you're looking to purchase females, please contact us at

**Factors of Coloring**

There are many reasons as to why your male fish may not arrive full of color directly out of the bag. One of the main factors that contributes to a males full color potential is his confidence/dominance. Another factor is the stress a fish can endure during the shipping process  Your new male may take time to become confident in their new aquarium.

No two OB cichlids are the same. Unlike most cichlids which are bred with a consistency in color, OB cichlids are not. Within every batch of OB cichlids there can be a wide variety of coloring from the same two parents. We try our best to list OB cichlids from the colors observed in our colonies, however there is no guarantee in exact coloring. 

Pictures of available fish on our website are typically of our breeder males and their

offspring. These will not be the exact fish you receive, unless otherwise stated. 

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